30 Funny Kids That Will Go Far In Life

It’s natural for parents to worry about their kids. They want their kids to be happy and successful and to make their dreams come true – but the parent’s of the kids on this list needn’t worry, because their children know what they want. As adults sometimes we lose our way and find ourselves doing jobs we aren’t satisfied with or ever thought we would do – but kids are dreamers.

Bored Panda has collected images from the internet of kids who know what they want out of life. Hilarious homework assignments, notes, and letters, scroll down below to feel inspired and don’t forget to upvote your favs!


Dream Big, Dr. King

Children are still relatively unconditioned by society’s conventions and are prone to say whatever comes into their brains, which is just an amazing thing! But how do we better understand our children’s psychology? With thanks to Mom Junction, here are a couple of tips to make sense of the weird and wonderful things kids say and do.

Observation Is Key: “One of the simplest, yet most effective, ways to learn about child psychology is observation. Show interest in what your children are doing or saying. Observe their actions, expressions, and temperament when they eat, sleep, and play. Keep in mind that your child is unique and may have a personality that stands out, even as he grows. So avoid comparing your child with other children, as that not only adds stress to parenting, but also makes the child feel inferior.”


Since My Niece Could Write Her Name, We Have Been Mailing Each Other Letters. We Have Both Been Pretty Busy And Haven’t Sent Or Received In A While, But Just Got This Today And This Kid Cracks Me Up


My Kid Is Sharp…

Children Need Your Undivided Attention: “When you plan to spend time with your children, plan to do only that and nothing else. Your children deserve your undivided attention. If you try to talk to your kid while you are cooking, driving or doing something else, chances are you’ll miss on the most important insights your kid might give you about himself.”

“Plan at least one activity that allows you to spend time exclusively with your kid. When you pay undivided attention to your kid, he or she feels safe and validated and is likely to open up to you more.”


Chris Is Ambitious


Kid Opposes Trump’s Policies; Just Wants To Netflix And Chill

Pay Attention To Your Child’s Environment: “Research has proven that a child’s behavior and attitudes are shaped largely by the environment that he is brought up in. To know the child better, you should pay attention to the environment he is in.”

“Research also proves that the environment can affect the child’s brain development, which in turn affects the development of his language and cognitive skills. The link specifically talks about home environment in comparison to any other.”

“Your child’s behavior is largely dependent on the kind of people that are around him and how they interact with him. Take time to gauge the kind of ambiance that has been created at home and his school. For example, if your child is being aggressive or is withdrawing from socialization, you may want to know what or who has influenced the child to behave in such a manner.”


Stand Up For What You Believe In


Ambitious Kid Here

Listen – Let Your Kids Tell You Their Stories: “Talking is good, but listening is important when you have a conversation with your child. Initiate a conversation to get your child talking and then listen to what they are trying to say. Kids may not be able to express themselves clearly, which is why you should pay attention to the words that they use and their non-verbal cues as well.”

“Not only should you listen, but also let your child know that they are being heard and taken seriously. Acknowledge what they say and respond to let them know that you understand what they say. If you don’t understand, ask questions for clarity. But be careful not to talk too much or ask too many questions, as that can shut your kid off completely.”


My Friend Found This On The Floor Of Her 8th Grade Classrom


Albert Is Going Places

Observe Other Kids: “Sometimes, observing other kids who are of the same age as yours can also help you understand your child better. This can let you understand how your child behaves in a social setting and identify his strengths and weaknesses that determine his personality. This does not mean you compare your child with every kid his age and pass judgment on who is better.”

“Parents tend to ascertain their children’s performance abilities by comparing them to other children. However, this can have a negative impact on the child, in the long-term. While comparison is not always bad, it can be dangerous when you overdo it.”

For more insightful and practical tips on basic child psychology head over to Mom Junction. Your child’s amazingly odd pronouncements or behavior will start to make much more sense!


Wife Asked Students To List Life Goals. This Kid Has Things Figured Out!


My Old School Asked Kids In Preschool What They Wanted To Be When They Grew Up


As A Kid, I Had My Priorities Straight


This Little Girl Has Her Priorities Straight


4 Star Resort In The Heart Of South Beach. Kid Has His Priorities Straight


A Child Left This Note In A Hotel Room I Cleaned Today. Pretty Solid Advice


My Three Year Old Daughter Had Her Teacher Write Me A Letter. Not Sure What She’s Trying To Say

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My Sister Asked Her 3rd Graders Their Priorities For The Year


Kids In Cleveland These Days…


This Little Guy Has Life Figured Out


I Am A Lawyer, My Son Told Me He Had To Tell Me Something, But First Wanted Me To Sign This


My 5 Year Old Nephew’s List Of His Favorite Vegetables. Kid Has His Priorities Straight


Some Children Give Me Hope For The Future


This Kid Knows What’s Up


My Wife Is A Teacher And Sent Me This


My Nephew Graduated Kindergarten Today. He’s Got Big Dreams

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My 8 Year Old Nephew’s Homework Assignment. Priorities In Line?


Apparently My Daughter Is Going To Be A Homeless Cavewoman When She Grows Up


Nice To Know 13 Year Old Me Had His Priorities Straight

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