30 Girls With A Sense Of Humor Who Showed How Different The Same Person Can Be In A Photo (New Pics)

Amongst all the seriousness on social media – the carefully chosen outfits and locations, the perfect poses, the filters and photoshopping needed to craft that perfect image of oneself – there are some people who choose to do things differently. These people like a laugh and don’t take themselves too seriously; they are also confident enough to show their friends and followers their silly and, dare we say it, ugly side.

Because although a brief skim through Instagram might leave you feeling that everyone is just perfect except for you, nothing is further from the truth! Even the most attractive people can quite easily ‘uglify’ themselves, and this is celebrated on the subreddit r/PrettyGirlsUglyFaces. As a follow up to our previous post on this hilarious trend, we decided to share some more of these gurning classics with you, for your viewing…pleasure? Scroll down to enjoy these hilariously gruesome girls for yourself, and don’t forget to vote for your favorites!


One To Rule Them All

Did you know that this kind of hideous facial contortion is actually a sport? Inevitably founded in Britain, gurning competitions have been happening since way back in 1297, when people at the Egremont Crab Apple Fair took turns in pulling grotesque poses while eating the super sour apples.


Move Over Fiona


My Mother Told Me I Shouldn’t Keep Posting This Just In Case A Boy Saw. Helloo, Boyz

This rural English tradition now has it’s own World Championships, with people coming from across the globe to try and win the title of ugliest face. Traditionally gurners frame their faces with a horse collar, in a procedure that is known as “gurnin’ through a braffin’. A typical gurn involves projecting the lower jaw as far forward and up as possible, and covering the upper lip with the lower lip.


I Am Very Proud Of The Photo On The Right


I Don’t Know How It’s Possible

The World Championships are held in mid-September each year and there are competitions for men, ladies and juniors. England’s best-known gurner is Peter Jackman, who won the world championship four times from 1998, with a face called the “Bela Lugosi.”


Photos Of Me Taken Within The Same Week


This Face Scares My Dad

Perhaps some of these lovely ladies would fancy signing up and trying to win the title of Gurning World Champion? There are certainly some natural talents in this list!


This Was On The Same Day – The Contrast




Gotta Make The Most Of A Good Hair Day


When Someone Says Dinner’s Ready


Expectation V Reality: Exam Season Edition


This Is So Embarrassing To Put Out Into The World, But The Photo On The Right Has Brought Tears From Laughter To My Close Friends… So I Wanted To Spread The Joy


First Time Poster, Finally Somewhere I Can Show Off My Talents




Til How Stretchy Noses Are


Nutria Or Human Female? One Of My Proudest Moments


My Cat And I, Pretending To Be Thumbs


Hey… At Least He Put A Ring On It


They Said Whitening My Teeth Would Make Me Prettier


Nightmare Inducing. Enjoy


Finally Got The Balls To Post My Only Skill. Enjoy


I Think I Did Better This Try


Post Gym vs. Post Shower… It’s A Pitty I Lose All That Volume

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