Drake Had The Most Drake Reactions To Raptors Winning First NBA Title

Drake, the rapper and Toronto Raptors superfan, had a moment Thursday. Several in fact.

His team beat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals’ Game 6 in Oakland for the franchise’s first title. The victory touched off a Drake series of celebrations.

He jumped into the arms of a buddy and pumped his fist in the air at Jurassic Park outside of Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena.

In a quieter moment he called the championship “poetic.” “We did this off of heart. We did this off of love,” he said. 

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He wished losing Warriors guard Stephen Curry “love” in a FaceTime chat. 

He rode through Toronto streets collecting handshakes and high-fives.

He used the triumph as a promotional tie-in for the release of two new songs.

And he may have broken his reputed curse on sports teams he supports.

Wow it was great to be Drake on Thursday.

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