How long is ‘Avengers: Infinity War’?

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is going strong.

After 23 box office hits and more than 50 hours of viewing, theextended MCU has given fans plenty of content to enjoy. Weve seen our favorite characters progress from their origin stories through world-ending wars. In some cases, weve even been there to mourn their deaths. Phase 3 of Marvel Studios master plan came to an end with JulysSpider-Man: Far From Home, but we still have Phase 4 to look forward to. Before fans can enjoy Peter Parkers overseas adventure or dream of whatGuardians of the Galaxy 3 has in store, however, theyll want to catch up on previous releases.

One film that has many people nervous isAvengers: Infinity War. Between itsheartbreaking ending and impressive runtime, the movie has some fans approaching with caution. While many viewers would love nothing more than to curl up on the couch with their favorite Avenger plushie and turn onInfinity War, some people first want to know how much theyre signing up for.

How to watchAvengers: Infinity Waronline

Thankfully, this Marvel favorite is on Netflix, , which makes it available to a much wider audience.

Fans without a Netflix account arent out of luck eitheryou can rent the thirdAvengersflick through Vudu or Amazon Prime in a pinch.

Infinity War length

The Infinity Warruntime pales in comparison to some of cinemas lengthier filmslooking at you, Peter Jackson. Still, clocking in at a bit under three hours149 minutes, to be exactInfinity War is a long film. Most of the MCUs library lingers around the two-hour mark, with eachAvengersinstallment adding a few extra minutes.Avengers: Endgame still boasts the longest runtime of all, with more than three hours of superhero action.

Infinity War may not be the longest MCU release, but its nothing to scoff at either. Fans who are concerned about finding the time to enjoy the thirdAvengers movie might have to rearrange their schedules to fit the full tw0-hour-and-40-minute movie in. While theInfinity Warlength might seem daunting,trust us when we sayits absolutely worth it.

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