I Left My Husband Today. I Packed Up Our 4 Kids, Wrote a Goodbye Letter, & Drove 3 Hours Away to a Hotel.

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“I packed up our four kids, wrote a goodbye letter, and drove three hours away to a hotel. I left my husband today.

My husband and I see a marriage counselor regularly; it didn’t help.

But it’s not what you think.

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My husband is an extremely hard worker, his hobbies include working and his conversations revolve around work.

But he’s burnt out.

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Days turn into weeks which have turned into months which has morphed into years…[10] years to be exact.

Ten years of backbreaking work and coming home to a house full of people and animals depending on you, not just for financial support, but, emotional, physical, and spiritual support.

No off days. No breaks. You can’t when you run your own business and lead your family.

Why I’m sharing this?

Because besides my relationship with my Lord, my relationship with my husband is most important.

Because men appreciation isn’t very popular.

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Because saying a father needs a break makes most women roll their eyes.

But it’s true [y’all].

Men need moments of rest and refreshment.

Especially when they bear the weight of a family upon their broad shoulders.

So I left my husband today.

I packed up four excited kiddos, wrote a goodbye letter telling him to get some much-deserved rest and that I’d see him tomorrow night, and I drove three hours away…because I love my husband and he needs, scratch that, deserves, a break, just as much as me.

Because in the end, the children will leave, the business will be passed on, and it will be just the two of us. But for that to happen; he has to brake before he breaks.

Our men aren’t fragile but they’re not forever either. Love him well.”

**This post was written by Stephanie Holbrook and originally appeared on her Facebook page Confiding Confidently with Stephanie Holbrook.

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