Kawhi Leonard Reportedly to Sign With L.A. Clippers, Capping Off Wild 2019 Offseason

Kawhi Leonard is reportedly taking his talents to Hollywood.

The 2019 NBA Finals MVP for the world champion Toronto Raptors has agreed to a four-year $142 million contract with the Los Angeles Clippers, where he will join Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder, according to ESPN, The New York Times, and Yahoo! Sports.

The reported deal has not been officially announced, but Leonards official fan page did post the Clippers logo.

Before ultimately signing with the Clippers, Leonard, considered the top free agent of the 2019 offseason, had reportedly been in serious talks about remaining the face of the Raptors franchise.

The two-time Finals MVP also reportedly talked with the Los Angeles Lakers. The New York Knicks, whose much-hyped 2019 offseason pursuits have largely been a bust, reportedly canceled talks with him before they ever began.

Leonards much-anticipated decision capped off a wild 2019 free-agency period that has been the subject of rampant speculation before the season even endedas several of the leagues best players contracts were up for negotiation and a complete reshuffling of the NBAs power was in order.

The frantic offseason began when the New Orleans Pelicans, who selected Duke forward Zion Williamson with the first overall draft pick, traded their star Anthony Davis to the Lakers. That blockbuster deal set up conjecture that the Lakers were looking to win now and that the Golden State Warriors dynastywhich won three of the last five finalswas likely on the outs.

From there, however, the Brooklyn Nets seemingly took over the offseason, agreeing to contracts with two megastars in Kevin Durant (from the Warriors) and Kyrie Irving (from the Boston Celtics). Further capping their rival Knicks lackluster offseason, the Nets signed away the Manhattan-based franchises center DeAngelo Jordan.

Other major free-agency moves this summer have included the Warriors re-signing guard Klay Thompson, the Celtics replacing Irving by signing former Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker, and Philadelphia 76ers guard Jimmy Butler departing for a deal with the Miami Heat.

According to CBS Sports, the only top-20 free agents who remains unsigned is Warriors center DeMarcus Cousins, who was reportedly waiting to see how the Leonard situation unfolded before committing to any team.

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