Oh No! Lizzo Is Being Accused Of Stealing THAT Lyric On ‘Truth Hurts’ – Perez Hilton


According to World IP Review looking over the intellectual property of it all, Lioness has long accused Lizzo of stealing the line, though it’s recently come to light because the popular singer’s business ventures have apparently applied to register the trademark covering “100% That Bitch” for both merchandise and music.

Surprised by that move, to say the least, Mina Lioness has decided enough is enough — but she doesn’t have the resources to take Lizzo to court to contest all of the allegations of plagiarism right now.

According to ONTD, the UK musician is quoted as speaking about the whole situation (below):

“What I cannot get over is how brazen Lizzo and her team have been in ignoring my whole presence. They’re doing it because they know I have no capital to address her. Now everyone believes those were your words, when in fact they were mine. My creativity, my wit and my comedy.”


Lioness has also called on Lizzo to “do the right thing” and credit her as a co-writer of the song, though so far that hasn’t happened. (Besides, if Lizzo did acknowledge it as so, Lioness would automatically get a cut of everything sold under the trademark — something Lizzo’s business associates likely want to avoid, to say the least.)

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