Person Asks Why People Dont Like Their Word Of God, Gets To Learn Theyre Being Brainwashed

Not every country has the freedom of absolute free speech – but in countries where they do one of the messages often spread is that of religion. People can convene, go door to door or spread flyers in an attempt to inform others about their beliefs and even persuade them into joining – however, this is not always appreciated.

A lot of people get annoyed or even downright angry when they are disturbed by these religious recruiters and have no issue making it known to them. Looking for another way to get people to listen, someone on Quora asked the internet how they could get their religious message through to people without upsetting them – and got the perfect response.

Someone on Quora asked the internet how to spread their religious message without people getting angry

Image credits: Steelman (not the actual photo)

And one person had this perfect explanation

Many people agreed with the comment and found it very insightful

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