Guy Reanimates Sleeping Beauty for Epic Move Theater Proposal

For the past six months, filmmaker Lee Loechler has been animating his girlfriend and himself into her favourite movie, Sleeping Beauty. With friends and family in the back rows, buffered by a couple of rows of helpful Redditors, Lee popped the question in a “crowded” movie theater (to clarify, he rented out the theater and everyone in the room was in on it). Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

Vet Says Pup with Tail Growing Out Its Head is Perfectly Healthy and Super Adorable

A 10-week-old pup named Narwhal has captivated the Internet with his tiny tail growing out of his head. Sadly, Narwhal was found abandoned along with another older dog, but was thankfully rescued by Mac’s Mission in Jackson, Missouri. Mac’s Mission is a small, grassroots non-profit that: “specializes in special”, our focus is on the homeless “janky” dogs who would die without us. The injured, abused, and birth defects, that is our mission. Shelters and rescues do not have the time or resources that we do so most of these special dogs get sadly euthanized. Our hope is to give them the chance they need to thrive and heal in an environment full of love and caring. [source] After a visit …