Charming but dishonest and duplicitous: Europe’s verdict on Boris Johnson

As the Brexit deadline looms, Europe remains wary of the poker player behind the clown mask He is clever, cultivated, charming; witty, self-deprecating, wildly entertaining and oh so terribly British. Also dissembling, dishonest, dark, duplicitous, and a danger to his country and to Boris Johnson settles into his new role, vowing, do or die, to take the UK out of the EU without a deal in 90 days unless the 27 nations ditch an accord that took two years to negotiate, European politicians and commentators are both fascinated and appalled. Like many people, I was easily charmed by his demeanour, his self-confidence, his intelligence, said Han ten Broeke, a former Dutch MP specialising in EU affairs. Hes a pleasure to …

HBOs Years and YearsWith Its Near-Future, Personal and Global DramasIs The Best Thing on TV

If you are a Russell T. Davies fan, or indeed any Years and Years fan, will have been both not shocked and surprisedthe writer and show are adept twist-and-turnersand yet hugely shocked and surprised, because the death was stark and its immediate aftereffects even starker. Years and Years is unlike any science fiction, or piece of futurism, on TV. It is set in the future, but the near-future, a recognizable, all too politically and culturally plausible future. Right-wing nationalism is on the rise globally, Emma Thompsons far-right PM Viv Rooka scarily spot-on mash-up of Trump, Katie Hopkins,