Guy Reanimates Sleeping Beauty for Epic Move Theater Proposal

For the past six months, filmmaker Lee Loechler has been animating his girlfriend and himself into her favourite movie, Sleeping Beauty. With friends and family in the back rows, buffered by a couple of rows of helpful Redditors, Lee popped the question in a “crowded” movie theater (to clarify, he rented out the theater and everyone in the room was in on it). Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

Guy Makes Oversized Novelty Weapons from Old Amazon Boxes

Japanese artist, the ‘Crafty Transformer‘, has amassed a large online following for his amazing DIY cardboard creations. Drawing inspiration from popular videos games, anime, and manga, he recreates well-known character gadgets, weapons, and tools. He even provides templates you can download (found in his YouTube video descriptions) along with step-by-step instructions in his videos. Below we’ve embedded some of his most popular vids along with some gifs, photos and even a fan-made compilation of his awesome work. For more, check out his YouTube page! Crafty Transformer seems to be making a much better use of his Amazon boxes than the rest of us 😯 (take note, Nintendo labo dev team) — ð–›ð–†ð–‘ð–Šð–“ð–™ð–Žð–“𖆠✣ ð–‘ð–”ð–—𖉠🌑 👽 (@VPestilenZ) August 29, …