Guy Reanimates Sleeping Beauty for Epic Move Theater Proposal

For the past six months, filmmaker Lee Loechler has been animating his girlfriend and himself into her favourite movie, Sleeping Beauty. With friends and family in the back rows, buffered by a couple of rows of helpful Redditors, Lee popped the question in a “crowded” movie theater (to clarify, he rented out the theater and everyone in the room was in on it). Original Article : HERE ; The Ultimate Survival Food: The Lost Ways

The New American Gothic by Criselda Vasquez (Oil on Canvas 72 x 48)

In this oil on canvas painting by Criselda Vasquez, she uses her parents to reinterpret and contemporize the iconic 1930 painting by Grant Wood, American Gothic. Completed in 2017 and measuring 72 inches tall and 48 inches wide, Vasquez adds: As the American-born daughter of two Mexican immigrants, I illustrate their plight and the plight of many in my community with my art. I want to expose the heart-breaking pain of what a Mexican immigrant’s family goes through. I focus on bringing my family’s world into the light and out of the shadows. My paintings are best described as visual comments on the hidden daily reality of the Mexican-American experience. These portraits and still lifes reveal my family in their …