The Harsh Reminder You Need About Your Toxic Ex To Knock Sense Into You

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Texting him would be stupid. You don’t need to talk to him. You need to forget about him.


He hasn’t learned anything. He’s the exact same person. Giving him another chance is a recipe for heartbreak.

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He never cared about you. The only person he’s capable of caring about is himself. So you should start caring about yourself.


He isn’t sorry he hurt you. He’s sorry you’re not around to feed his ego anymore.


Yes, you might be single for a while. But single is better than returning to the hellhole he called a relationship.


He isn’t going to watch your story. Stop posting in the hopes of impressing him. Stop worrying about his bullshit opinion.


No, he isn’t all bad — but he is bad enough. Stop trying to convince yourself he deserves another chance. He doesn’t.


He’s gone. You have to accept he isn’t coming back. And you have to accept that’s good news.

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He sucks. He’s not worth the tears. He’s not worth the self-loathing.


Missing him doesn’t mean you should go back to him. It doesn’t mean you should ruin all your progress.


He’s not thinking about you. He’s never thinking about you. He only thinks about himself.


He broke your fucking heart. He doesn’t deserve another poem.


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