Trapped in Wood: Haunting Sculptures Carved by Tung Ming-Chin

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Tung Ming-Chin is an incredible artist from Changhua, Taiwan that is best known for his sculptures of objects and figures that appear to be trapped in wood.

Tung received his BFA and MFA from the Taipei National University of the Arts and he was won numerous awards for his woodcarvings and sculptures as well as had his work featured in a number of solo and group exhibitions all across Taiwan.

Below you will find a selection his works and you can see many more at the Taiwan Contemporary Art Archive.

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1. The Birth of a New Hero (2008)

Artwork by Tung Ming-Chin

2. Changes Inside the Forest (2011)

Artwork by Tung Ming-Chin

3. New Lonely (2009)

Artwork by Tung Ming-Chin

4. Self Portrait (2009)

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Artwork by Tung Ming-Chin

5. Breath (2013)

Artwork by Tung Ming-Chin

6. Leather Concept – Character (2015)

Artwork by Tung Ming-Chin

7. A Stack of Heads (2009)

8. Empty (2015)

Artwork by Tung Ming-Chin

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